It doesn’t matter if you ride or drive, off-road or on road, wet or dry, track or street or rally, tire is the most important thing you need to know. This does not sound so important until you realize that the only thing that keeps your vehicle on the ground is the contact patch that is much smaller than you think, about the size of a credit card for each tire, and that times four is the area you have control of when you are in your car.

Tire is used for accelerating, decelerating, cornering, and much more. A good tire can make your car accelerate faster, decelerate better, corners better and provide good traction on both wet and dry surface. Have you ever wonder what is the use of the grooves on the tire is used for? Many believe that it is needed for both dry and wet traction, this is not necessarily the case. The grooves on the tires, namely tread, have a very important feature that is to repel water off the road when the tire is travelling through a pile of water. With that said, a tire that is bald is not losing its traction on dry surface, only drastically losing that traction on wet surface. However this is not the excuse to not change your bald tire, as a bald tire causes easier tire puncture due to the thinner surface. If you have a bald tire, chances are it is been through some years already, and tires only have a lifespan of 5-7 years after produced off the line.

There is a four digit number code that reads something like 0512, 2315, 4815. This indicates the time when the tire is manufactured. For example, 0512 means that the tire is manufactured on the fifth week of 2012. The newest tire is not necessarily the best as tire need 1-2 years on the shelf to settle down the rubber, as immediately using newly produced tire will cause premature tread wear, due to the rubber not settling long enough.

In a wet road, tires are prone to hydroplaning. It means that when your tire is travelling at a speed too high for that tire to repel water off the road surface to gain traction, causing the tire to travel on the pile of water instead of the road surface. In this case, the driver is effectively the passenger and have zero control over the car whatsoever.

When choosing tires, it is important to know what type of vehicle fits what type of tires, and to take both dry and wet conditions into accounts. A well balanced tire such as the Michelin’s PS4, have a dry and wet rating of both 5 star, and have a comfort and sound level of both 5 star as well. If you are using the tyre on street, look at tyre such as Michelin’s MX or Potenza’s RE003 are both good tire for this case, and if you are looking for comfort, Continental CC6 is good at both noise level and wet ability.

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